Electronics & Communication Engineering


The course creates competent technicians who will perform their jobs in industry or as an entrepreneur efficiently, with necessary skills to plan, erect, commission, use and maintain the equipment and also super vise tasks.

In recent years Electronics field has made unprecedented growth in terms of new technologies all over the world to fulfill the need of industries and society. In our day to day life, we come across many Electronics equipments or gadgets. In this age of scientific revolution, Computers, Mobile Phone, Laptops, Communication equipments and other gadgets like Television, CD player etc are our basic requirements. The advancements in these areas have enriched our life in a great way. To cope with currently changing technological environment, it is mandatory to learn right from basics to diversified areas of electronics. Highly skilled and scientifically oriented manpower, students, faculty & industrial staff need proper training in the recent technologies to improve productivity of organization.

This Diploma in Electronics & Communication will contribute in developing competent technicians who will perform their jobs in Industry or as an entrepreneur effectively and efficiently. In Industry or in small business establishments, the technicians (Diploma holder) with necessary skills would be able to plan, erect, commission, use and maintain the equipments and also supervise tasks. This programme will develop competencies required to construct, troubleshoot, repair & maintain various Electronic equipments and appliances.

Areas of Employment/Work


Owner of Small Scale Industry

Catering services to society (Networking)

Communication Engineer

Electronics Goods Manufacturing industry

Supervisors ( Middle level ) / Marketing Executive

Job in Industry / Public sector

Design Assistant / Customer Service Engineer

Repairing & Maintenance of Electronic Equipments and Appliances

Maintenance Engineer